Are you baffled by your printer constantly spitting out blank pages? This common dilemma is not just frustrating but can disrupt your workflow, whether at home or in the office. If you’re facing this issue with your HP printer, you’re not alone. Across the globe, numerous users encounter the perplexing situation where their reliable HP printer keeps printing blank pages.HP printer printing blank page issue

This comprehensive guide is meticulously crafted to address the widespread issue of printers, particularly HP models, printing blank pages. From the HP Deskjet to the HP Envy series, we delve into the nitty-gritty of why your printer might be producing blank pages. Whether it’s an ink cartridge snafu, software glitches, or something more complex, our guide is here to navigate you through the troubleshooting process.

Our aim is to transform your frustrating experience of dealing with blank pages into a simple, solvable problem. So, let’s embark on this journey to uncover why HP printer is printing blank pages and how to get it back to its efficient self.

Common Causes for HP Printer Blank Page Problems:

Encountering a situation where your HP printer keeps printing blank pages can be both baffling and frustrating. Despite having full ink cartridges, you might find your printer delivering nothing but empty sheets. This common problem can stem from a variety of causes, ranging from physical cartridge problems to software glitches. In this section, we delve into the primary reasons behind this perplexing HP print blank pages issue, providing clarity on why your HP printer might be underperforming and how to identify the root cause of the problem.HP printer printing blank page problem

  • Clogged Ink Nozzles of HP Printer:

    Over time, ink can dry and clog the nozzles, especially if the printer is not used regularly. Clogged nozzles prevent ink from being deposited on the paper, causing HP printer printing blank pages issue.

  • Incorrect Cartridge Installation in HP Printer:

    New cartridges can be improperly installed or might have protective tape left on them. This can block ink flow, resulting in HP Envy printing blank pages problem.

  • HP Printer Software and Firmware Issues:

    Outdated printer software or firmware can cause communication issues between the printer and your computer, leading to HP printer printing blank issue.

  • HP Printer Settings Misconfiguration:

    Incorrectly configured settings, like paper size or type, can cause the printer to malfunction, sometimes producing extra blank pages.

  • Use of Incompatible or Low-Quality Paper:

    Using paper that is not compatible with your HP printer can result in ink not adhering properly, leading to the issue of HP printer printing extra blank pages.

  • HP Printer Ink Cartridge or Print Head Problems:

    Faulty or empty ink cartridges, or a malfunctioning print head, can prevent ink from being applied to the paper.

Understanding these common causes is vital in diagnosing why HP printer is printing blank pages. With this knowledge, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the issue, ensuring your printer operates efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques:

When standard fixes don’t resolve the issue of your HP printer printing blank pages after cartridge change, it’s time to delve into advanced troubleshooting techniques. This section is dedicated to those who are facing continuous challenges with their HP printers, particularly when your HP printer keeps printing blank pages or only prints blank pages even after implementing basic solutions.hp printer priting blank page troubleshooting

  • Deep Cleaning the Print Heads of HP Printer:

    If your HP printer printing blank pages after cartridge change, it might be due to clogged print heads. Utilize the printer’s built-in cleaning function or manually clean the print heads with a soft, lint-free cloth and distilled water.

  • Resetting HP Printer:

    A hard reset can often resolve persistent issues. If your HP printer keeps printing blank pages, turn off the printer, unplug it for about a minute, and then plug it back in. This can clear any errors causing the printer to only print blank pages.

  • Updating or Reinstalling HP Printer Drivers:

    Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can cause your HP printer keeps printing blank pages issue. Check manufacturer’s website for the latest driver updates or reinstall the current drivers.

  • Checking for HP Printer Firmware Updates:

    Similar to drivers, outdated firmware can lead to issues. If your Hp printer spits out blank pages, Make sure that your printer’s firmware is up-to-date to prevent it from printing blank pages.

  • Examining Cartridge Contacts and Chips of HP Printer:

    Sometimes, the contacts on ink cartridges or in the printer can be dirty or damaged. Clean the contacts carefully with a dry, lint-free cloth. Also, ensure that the chip on the cartridge is not damaged or obscured.

  • Adjusting HP Printer Settings and Preferences:

    If your hp envy printing blank pages, double-check the printer settings. Incorrect paper size, type, or print quality settings might cause the printer to malfunction. Ensure everything is correctly configured for your printing needs.

  • Inspecting for Mechanical Issues in HP Printer:

    Look for any mechanical problems inside the printer, like jammed papers or dislodged components, which could lead to blank page printing.

By applying these advanced troubleshooting techniques, you can tackle the more stubborn issues of HP printer printing blank pages after cartridge change. These steps go beyond the basic fixes, offering solutions for when your printer refuses to cooperate, ensuring you get back to printing your important documents efficiently.

Effective Solutions for Printing Issues from Mobile Devices:

In today’s fast-paced digital world, printing from mobile devices like iPhones has become increasingly common. However, it’s not without its challenges. A significant issue that users often encounter is their HP printer printing blank pages from iPhone or other mobile devices. This section is dedicated to resolving these specific mobile printing woes.HP printer printing blank pages from iPhone

  • Update Mobile Device and Printer App:

    To resolve the issue of HP printer printing blank pages from iPhone, ensure that both your mobile device and the HP printer app are updated to the latest version. An outdated app can cause compatibility issues, leading HP printer to print blank pages.

  • Check Network Connectivity:

    Both your mobile device & HP printer need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Poor or inconsistent network connectivity can result in incomplete print jobs and blank pages.

  • Restart the HP Printer and Mobile Device:

    A simple restart can sometimes fix minor glitches. If your HP printer keeps printing blank pages, restart both your iPhone (or other mobile devices) and the HP printer to refresh their connections and settings.

  • Use HP Printer’s Recommended Printing App:

    Utilize the HP Smart app or other recommended applications for printing from mobile devices. These apps are optimized for mobile printing and can reduce instances of the HP printer printing blank.

  • Check Print Settings on Mobile Device:

    Incorrect print settings on your mobile device can cause HP printer printing blank pages issue. Make sure that the correct printer is selected and the print settings are appropriate for your document.

  • Reconnect HP Printer to Mobile Device:

    Disconnect and then reconnect your HP printer from your mobile device. This can help resolve any communication errors that might be causing blank pages.

  • Inspect Document Format and Compatibility:

    Some document formats might not be compatible with mobile printing. Ensure the file you are trying to print from your iPhone is in a format supported by your HP printer.

  • Clear Printer Queue:

    A clogged printer queue can lead to printing errors. Clear the queue on your mobile device and try printing again.

By following these solutions, you can effectively tackle the issue of HP printer printing blank pages from iPhones and other mobile devices. These steps are designed to ensure seamless integration between your mobile device and HP printer, enabling you to enjoy the convenience of mobile printing without the frustration of blank pages.


Q1: Why my HP printer is printing blank page after every document?

  • Answer: This could be due to a setting called ‘separator page’ being enabled in your printer settings. It’s also possible that the document you’re printing has an extra blank page at the end. Check your document and printer settings to resolve this issue.

Q2: Can outdated printer drivers cause my HP printer to print blank pages?

  • Answer: Absolutely. Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can lead to communication issues between your computer and printer, resulting in blank pages. Updating your printer drivers to the latest version can often resolve this problem.

Q3: How do I fix my HP wireless printer that prints blank pages?

  • Answer: Start by ensuring your printer is correctly connected to your wireless network. Also, check for any software updates for your printer. If the issue persists, try restarting both your printer and wireless router.

Q4: What should I do if my HP printer is printing blank pages after changing ink cartridges?

  • Answer: First, ensure that the protective tape on the new cartridges has been fully removed. Then, perform a few cleaning cycles on the print head. If this doesn’t work, check if the cartridges are correctly installed and aligned.

Q5: Why is my HP printer printing blank pages with full ink?

  • Answer: This issue could be due to clogged print nozzles or air bubbles in the ink cartridge. Running the printer’s cleaning function can help. Also, ensure that the ink cartridges are genuine HP cartridges as third-party cartridges can sometimes cause issues.

Q6: My HP printer only prints blank pages from my computer. How can I fix this?

  • Answer: This issue is often related to software. Ensure your printer software is up to date and that the correct printer is selected in your print settings. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the printer software.


As we conclude our comprehensive exploration into why “my HP printer is printing blank pages,” it’s crucial to recap the journey we’ve taken to demystify this common but perplexing issue. This guide has been your roadmap through the various landscapes of HP printer troubles, pinpointing reasons and solutions for when your printer unexpectedly churns out blank pages.

We started by understanding the broad spectrum of causes that lead to HP printers printing blank pages, from simple ink cartridge issues to more intricate software glitches. This foundational knowledge is key to any successful troubleshooting process. We then navigated the specific scenarios, such as when your HP printer continues printing blank pages after a cartridge change or when attempting to print from mobile devices like iPhones. Each situation has its nuances, and we’ve provided targeted solutions to address them.

The advanced troubleshooting techniques we discussed are your toolkit for those stubborn issues that resist initial attempts at resolution. These are your go-to strategies when faced with an HP printer that keeps printing blank pages or only prints blank pages despite all standard fixes.

To know more about HP printer and resolve its related issue, please visit Hp Printer Support page.

  1. I recently changed the ink cartridges in my HP printer, but now it’s only printing blank pages. What could be causing this issue, and how can I fix it?

    • If your HP printer is printing blank pages after changing ink cartridges, there are a few possible reasons. First, ensure that the protective tape on the new cartridges has been fully removed. If the tape is left on, it can block ink flow. Next, check that the cartridges are properly installed and seated correctly in their slots. Sometimes, air bubbles can form in the cartridges, so you might want to remove them and gently shake them before reinserting. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, try running a printhead cleaning cycle from your printer’s settings menu to clear any clogs that might be preventing ink from being deposited on the paper.

  2. My HP Envy printer keeps printing blank pages, even though it has plenty of ink. What troubleshooting steps should I take?

    • If your HP Envy printer is printing blank pages despite having enough ink, start by checking for clogged ink nozzles. You can do this by running a printhead cleaning cycle from the printer’s settings. If the problem persists, ensure that the printer’s software and firmware are up to date, as outdated software can cause printing issues. Additionally, check the printer settings to make sure they are correctly configured for the paper type and size you’re using. If none of these steps work, consider resetting the printer to its factory settings to clear any potential software glitches.

    • If your HP printer is printing extra blank pages, it could be due to a misconfiguration in the printer settings. Check the printer preferences on your computer to ensure that the ‘separator page’ option is not enabled. Also, look at the document you’re trying to print to see if there are any blank pages or unnecessary page breaks that could be causing the issue. If the problem continues, try updating the printer drivers and firmware to the latest versions, as this can sometimes resolve printing anomalies.

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