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hotmail supportHotmail which is now known as was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. The headquarters of Hotmail is situated in California, USA. It was later taken over by Microsoft in 1997 for about $400 million. After it was taken over by Microsoft it was renamed as MSN. As it was the opening company to offer this kind of service it was accept by the users worldwide. Even though it has been changed from Hotmail to MSN to Windows live Hotmail to but users can still access their original account. In 2012 Hotmail was relaunched as In this write up we have shared a guide about Hotmail email, how do I log into my Hotmail account? Hotmail not working and everything related to Hotmail help. So if you want any help related to Hotmail you can refer to this article, but if you are puzzled somewhere then you can contact on the number provided here where you will be connected to an independent third party service provider. The executives will listen to you and try to solve your query in the best possible manner.

Create Hotmail email account >> Sign up at Hotmail email account help

If you are thinking how can I log into my Hotmail Account? Or Hotmail sign in issues, we have got you sorted here. In order to login to Hotmail email account you need to create account first.

Just follow these steps for Hotmail signup-

create hotmail account

Go to which is as Microsoft Outlook by now. So you have to sign up to

  • Go to
  • Tap on the “create free account” with blue color
  • Choose an email Id with a domain of for example [email protected]
  • In the next step you have to create a password under “Enter the password you would like to use with your account”
  • Now, if you want to save the password for the browser then, you have to tap on “Save” or else click on “Never”
  • It will ask you “what’s your name?” Write your name under ‘we need just a more info to set up your account’ enter your first name and last name then tap on ‘Next’
  • A couple of more steps to go, enter your date of birth and country of origin
  • Now, you have to solve a puzzle and do an audio challenge to make sure you are not a robot
  • After the verification is completed, if you want to access your account right now, then tap on stay signed in

So, this is the way to create an account in Hotmail email account which is known as Outlook by now. It is just a way for signing into Hotmail account because you have to create account first. For Hotmail sign in issues continue reading

Hotmail email account sign in instructions >> How can I log into my Hotmail account?

how can i log into my hotmail accountOnce you have created your Hotmail email account you can easily begin the process of signing into Hotmail account. Now, if you have a question in mind about, how can I log into my Hotmail account? Then don’t worry it’s a very simple and easy way.

Here are the steps given-

  • Visit
  • Select signing into Hotmail account that is select sign in option
  • After that enter your email ID which you have created earlier
  • Then, enter your password making sure that the capslock key is turned off and press enter

Now, if you want the system or browser to remember your password you can select on ‘Remember my password’ or ‘Save’ option

This is how you sign up to Hotmail email Account.

Hotmail old account login >> Hotmail account recovery

Here we have shared to you a way to create account in Hotmail email account which is Outlook by now, but, if you want to access your original account continue reading.

In order to get access to your Hotmail old account you need to recover your account. Here, we need to tell you something, you can access your account only if you have enabled two step verification otherwise you won’t be able to access your account in old version. Also, Microsoft disables your account if you haven’t used it in an year which can be enabled if you already know the password and you will have to answer some security account recovery

 But also keep in mind if you have not used the account since 5 years then Microsoft will automatically delete your account and unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to access or recover your account in this scenario. This information was necessary to save your precious time. Now, we can proceed further

Hotmail account recovery process >> Access your old Hotmail account

Follow these steps to recover your old Hotmail email account for Hotmail emails outlook

  1. Go to Microsoft email website which is
  2. Now, select account from the profile icon in the upper rightmost corner
  3. Select the option ‘Recover my account’
  4. Once you tap on the Recover my account you will have to enter your ‘email id or phone number or skype number’
  5. In the next field you have to enter “Where should we contact you”, that is you have to enter your email ID. Remember, this email ID is for contact purposes so it has to be different from the one’s you are trying to recover
  6. Microsoft will get in touch with you within 24 hours

Once they contact you, your Hotmail old version login process will be competed.

Hotmail forgot my password >> Hotmail password reset help

You might need to change Hotmail password for security purposes or in the case of forgotten password. If you don’t have the idea about how to change Hotmail password, don’t worry we have provided a solution        to this issue. You can check out the steps and change your Hotmail password with ease. How to change Hotmail passwordhotmail password reset

  1. Go to as we know Hotmail is now known by the name Outlook
  2. Tap on sign in
  3. Click on enter your password
  4. Now, enter your email Id
  5. Click on the ‘Forgot password’ under password field
  6. Tap on the profile icon in order to sign in
  7. Hit on ‘Send code’
  8. Verify your identity by entering the code
  9. Once you have successfully verified enter your new password
  10. Write down your password somewhere to prevent forgetting it
  11. You have changed your Hotmail password
  12. These are the steps for Hotmail password reset

Hotmail forgot my password query is resolved

Hotmail official Support >> Contact Hotmail Support

In this article we have provided you help from signing into Hotmail account to Hotmail issues, we have covered it all but if you are searching for the Hotmail customer support number and are unable to find the official Hotmail customer support number then don’t worry we have searched and delivered it here. So no need to go anywhere else. But we still suggest you to read the article first or call on the number flashing on your screen. Here we want to make a short disclaimer, the number we have provided is working now, but it might be changed in the future due to any discrepancies. So, we are not held responsible for the hotmail support

Hotmail Customer Support Number UK 0344 800 2400
Hotmail Support Number Australia 13 20 58
Hotmail Customer 800 642 7676
Hotmail Live Chat
Hotmail Phone number 866 234 6020

Hotmail issues >> Hotmail not working solution

Hotmail was the leading company in email services. Even though Hotmail (Outlook) was the choice of millions, it can still face some issues. We are here to help you with the Hotmail sign-in issues. First and foremost, we will address the fundamental issues and proceed to the advance problems after that. So, if you are thinking about my Hotmail is not working, continue reading.

Check your internet accessibility

If your system does not have proper internet connection you may not be able to sign in to Hotmail account.

  1. Make sure router or modem is on and all the wires have proper connection
  2. Turn the router off, wait for a couple of minutes then, reconnect it
  3. If internet connection is a problem then, the process of signing into Hotmail account can be proceeded and you will be able to access your Hotmail email account

Update the browser

There is a chance that your browser is outdated and needs an update for Hotmail login. The reason for Hotmail issues can be that your browser version is not compatible with Hotmail (Outlook).

  1. To update your browser search download latest version of your browser for example – download latest version of chrome
  2. Let it download
  3. Install the browser setup from downloads

This might solve your problem of Hotmail not workinghotmail not working

Remove and add Hotmail add-on in Windows and Android

Removing and adding the Hotmail from the browser add-ins can solve the Hotmail problems.

 You can follow the steps if you don’t know how to add or remove add-ins

  1. Go to files> Account settings
  2. Under Mails check for Hotmail
  3. Remove it from the add-ons by tapping on remove
  4. Once you have completed removing the Hotmail email account, now it’s time to add it again
  5. You just need to click on ‘Add’ under ‘Account settings’
  6. Enter your email ID and password

Hotmail sign in issues will be resolved

Remove and add Hotmail add-on iPhone

Adding and removing Hotmail email account from your iPhone might solve the problem of ‘my Hotmail is not working’. Please try these steps before proceeding further.

  • Go to accounts in your device
  • Select outlook (Hotmail email account) in Mail
  • Press on “Delete” option for Hotmail sign in issues
  • Now, you have to add account
  • Go to settings select Outlook account from Mail
  • Enter your email ID and password
  • Tap on add account

This may solve your problem of Hotmail sign in issues. If not then you will have to make manual IMAP settings in your devices which is shown in the next part of the article.

How to make manual POP/IMAP settings for Hotmail email account

Hotmail sign in issues arise if the incoming and outgoing server settings are not made properly. If problem of Hotmail not working on iPhone or any other device is not solved yet it will be solved once you make these settings.

Hotmail POP/IMAP settings on Android

If you are facing Hotmail issues you need to make IMAP settings in your device. Follow these easy steps to solve the problem of “my Hotmail is not working”

  • Go to settings of your android device
  • Select “Accounts” and tap on ‘Add Account’
  • Hit on Personal (POP 3) and enter your Hotmail email Account details
  • Enter your email ID for example [email protected] and password
  • Enter as incoming mail server
  • Select 995 in Port and tap on Next
  • Now enter in the outgoing mail server
  • Select 465 as Port and click on Next

This is how you make server configuration in android device for Hotmail problems.

hotmail email account

Hotmail not working on iPhone solution by IMAP settings

Sometimes when the Hotmail issues arise they can be sorted by doing manual IMAP settings in your device. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make these manual settings as we are providing complete step by step guide on Hotmail sign in issues

Select settings in your apple device

  • Search for Mail
  • Tap on ‘Add Account’
  • You will see i-cloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook
  • Select Outlook from the above options
  • Enter your email ID and password
  • Select POP/IMAP and enter your Username, email Id and password again
  • Select 995 in the incoming Port and 465 in the outgoing mail server

This is how you solve Hotmail not working on iPhone issue

POP IMAP settings for windows

Till now you have understood that the POP/IMAP configuration can solve your Hotmail issues. To make these configuration on windows follow these instructions.

  • Go to Mail in your windows device
  • Enter your account information that is email ID and password
  • Select POP/IMAP settings
  • Enter Username and email ID and password
  • Under IMAP Incoming Mail Server select Port as 995
  • Under SMTP Outgoing Mail Server select Port as 465

Hotmail issues in your windows device has been taken care of. Signing into Hotmail account problem is solved.

Hotmail Support by Us

hotmail customer serviceHotmail has been a leading company in the world of emails. After it has been taken over by Microsoft, it was rebranded as Microsoft Outlook. So now you can access your Hotmail email account by visiting in this article we have provided Hotmail help on various Hotmail issues. Subsequently, you can refer to this article for Hotmail Microsoft help as Hotmail is now known by the name, Microsoft Outlook. If you are not able to execute these steps or are stuck somewhere then, you can call on the number which you can see on your computer screen. As you call on this number you will be connected to an independent third party executive where they will connect to you and try to solve your problem.