carbonite supportCarbonite is known to be an online backup service that is involved in backing up emails, settings, documents, music, and photos of devices. It is mainly developed for Windows and macOS systems. The name of the company was based on the fictional substance that appeared in the famous movie Star Wars. You must note that there is a range of other service providers that offer backup space. However, users prefer Carbonite download as it also offers an unlimited backup space. This is great for customers and what makes the company different from others. In addition, the company is known to have a distinct line of products. Some of them include Carbonite business, Carbonite Home, and Home office. The founders of the company were Jeff Flowers and David Friend. Carbonite was established in 2005 and is still operating in the market. It has backed up more than 101 billion files as well as documents. In addition, it is known to have recovered more than 7-8 billion files that were lost by the users.

Carbonite online backup deploys a software program on the system of the customers. It operates in the background round-the-clock. Using the incremental backup, the software finds new as well as changed files to back them up on the desktop of the customer. Prior to transmitting files to remote servers at the data centers, every one of them is encrypted as well as compressed. For this purpose, the 128-bit Blowfish encryption is used. These files are stored on 15 drive RAID 6 storage systems. In addition, Carbonite online backup comes with a remote-access application. This app allows users to download files to any operating system with the help of an Internet browser.

There might be situations where you might find challenges in accessing the service. For such users, this guide is going to be highly beneficial. Most times, you will be able to fix all your concerns by applying the steps mentioned in this guide. As all users are not comfortable with tech solutions, they might need real-time Carbonite support. They can place a call on the number given on this page to have a chat with an independent third-party Carbonite support executive. They are going to listen to all your problems and offer a relevant resolution.

All about Carbonite Sign in >> Carbonite Download Help

carbonite downloadIt has been mentioned before that Carbonite server backup is highly valuable for users who want to back up their data, documents, or files. However, before you can do this, users are required to download the software so that it can be installed on a certain OS. Different operating systems have different ways of downloading Carbonite as well as its installation procedure. You just have to use the following steps for installing Carbonite on different operating systems. It is suggested that you understand the mentioned process as it is enough for installing Carbonite on systems. Thus, use this guide before seeking assistance elsewhere.

How to Install Carbonite >> Carbonite for Mac

The process to install Carbonite for Mac has been provided in this section. Just follow the steps and resolve your query instantly. Make sure that you do not miss any steps.

  • The initial step is to visit the Carbonite site, which is
  • Then, you need to go with the option of Carbonite sign in.
    • It is present at the top of the Carbonite site.
  • Input the login credentials for Carbonite.
  • When you have entered login credentials, there might be a prompt to enter the security information related to your account.
  • You are required to input all the information on this form.
  • Next, hit the option of ‘Continue’.install carbonite
  • If users have not already installed the software, hit the option of ‘click here’.
    • If Carbonite is already downloaded, and you wish to add a new system, hit the option of ‘add a new computer’.
    • If the software has not been downloaded, continue with the process.
  • You are required to hit the option of ‘download now’ for saving the Carbonite setup file.
  • After finishing the Carbonite download, open the setup file.
  • Follow all the instructions on your screen.

This is the method to install Carbonite for Mac in just a few minutes. You need to know that there are different options for Carbonite backup choices that depend on the different Carbonite versions. When you perform the Carbonite installation process, it is going to assist you to manage your backup.

All about Carbonite Login >> Carbonite for Windows

Windows users also have the option to use this amazing service. Carbonite server backup can be easily installed on Windows systems. Users are required to apply the steps carefully. Ensure that all steps are followed correctly.

  • The first step is to visit the official Carbonite site with the help of this link,
  • Then, you are required to hit the option of ‘install Carbonite’.
  • When the download procedure is complete, apply the instructions that comes up on your screen.
    • If you face issues searching for the downloaded file, press Ctrl and J keys together and find the installer file from the list.
  • The next step is to hit ‘start backing up’.
    • You also have the option to hit ‘advanced settings’ in order to configure it before key files are uploaded.
    • In the case of ‘Automatic settings’, your data is automatically backed up on your system.
    • In the case of ‘advanced settings’, you have the option to manage your backup prior to the completion of the installation procedure.
    • carbonite loginYou can also select what data is backed up. Usually, the users can see the recommended default backup choices of Carbonite. However, you can also provide a distinct path from where you need data to be backed up. By doing this, users can guarantee that their key information is stored securely.
    • In the case of the To-do list, users have the option to allow Carbonite to update backup by default. Also, you can create a backup to-do list if you wish to.
    • In the case of a private ‘encryption key’, you are offered a choice of dealing with your personal encryption key. In this manner, you can manipulate the backed-up data. When you choose to handle the key, you cannot modify Courier Recovery services or use Anywhere Anytime Access. We recommend that you let the software to recollect the encryption key. In case this key gets misplaced, you have no way of recovering the backed-up data.

All about Carbonite Login >> Carbonite for Android

Carbonite backup is only available for Windows and Mac users. You can also get it on your Android smartphone. For this purpose, just use the following process:

  • Open your smartphone
  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • In the search field, you need to enter Carbonite.
  • Hit Install and let the process complete.

Update: Carbonite for Android and iPhone has been discontinued by the company. It means you cannot access the software on a smartphone now.

How to Reinstall Carbonite

There can be times when users face challenges while they try installing the software. Before seeking assistance elsewhere, you need to go through this section once. It will help you in fixing all the glitches related to Carbonite. The process is going to help you reinstall Carbonite on your system. For this purpose, use the following sections:reinstall carbonite

Reinstall Carbonite for Mac

  • You need to visit the Carbonite official site
    • For this purpose, you need to visit the following site,
  • You need to hit the option of Carbonite sign in.
  • Input the login credentials
  • Next, hit Ok
  • Choose the option of Reinstall Carbonite
  • Now, go with the option of ‘download now’
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Reinstall Carbonite for Windows

  • Go to the official site of Carbonite
  • Hit the option of Sign in
  • Input the login credentials,
  • Hit the option of Computer
  • Then, go with the option of ‘reinstall Carbonite’
  • You need to choose the option of ‘download now’
  • Start downloading the setup file
  • Open the file and follow on-screen instructions. It is going to reinstall the software on your systems.

We are pretty sure that you now know how to reinstall Carbonite. This is going to help you in multiple ways when you face operational issues.

Carbonite Phone Numbers – Official

This section will be highly valuable for those seeking the official Carbonite support phone number. Using Internet research, we have collected some Carbonite phone numbers that can help you fix your issues. However, we suggest that you verify them before using the contact options.carbonite phone number

Carbonite Phone Number Small Business Sales +1 (855) 227-2249
Carbonite Support Phone Number UK Sales +44 333 1234 200
Carbonite Data Protection Sales +1 (877) 901-3282
Carbonite Help Number 877-665-4466
Carbonite Endpoint 360 Email Support [email protected]
Carbonite Media Enquiry 781-928-0762

All about Carbonite Plans >> Carbonite Backup Pricing Help

It is known that Carbonite cost is usually dependent on the plan you go with. There are different Carbonite plans that come with their own levels. If you choose to go with 2-3 years, you will save Carbonite costs by at least 9%. Go through the following sections to check Carbonite backup pricing.carbonite pricing

Know about Carbonite Business Pricing

It is seen that the Carbonite business pricing can vary based on the year or chosen level. In the case of the one-year plan, the cost comes to around $269. However, you can see that the power plan costs around $404. Lastly, its Ultimate plan will cost you around $566. Similar to this, the Carbonite business pricing is known to increase based on the year or level. In addition to this, you must know that Carbonite plans come with different storage capacities.

Know about Carbonite Home Pricing

These plans also change Carbonite pricing on the basis of your subscription. For example, if you go with 1 year, you can avail of the basic plan that is going to cost around $59. Then, there is the Plus plan that costs around $99. Lastly, you have the option to choose the Prime plan, which costs around $149. Also, these Carbonite plans come with different storage capacities.

All about Carbonite Password Reset

It is well-known that the Carbonite service is used by customers for its fantastic backup feature. It is used for recovering and storing important data in a secure place. In addition, the service offers complete data protection for home and business users. There are several users who tend to forget their passwords and find themselves stuck. This section is going to resolve this issue and let you access your account.

  • Visit the official Carbonite site via
  • Next, you need to go to the Carbonite sign in page
  • Input the login credentials for opening the account.
  • Hit the option of Reset password.
  • A mail will be sent to you to retrieve the account password.
  • Hit the option of Reset password.
  • The next step is two-step verification. Following are some preferences which can be used by you:
    • Get the security code via text/call. For this option, you are required to have a registered phone number with the account.
  • Select text or call
  • Hit the option of ‘send recovery code’.
  • Receive the code on your phone.
  • Input the code
  • The next step is to hit ‘submit my code.’
  • Confirm the code.
  • Input the new password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Hit the option of ‘reset my password’.
    • Use the option of security question. You can use this method if you do not have a registered number.
  • Input the answer that was chosen at the time of sign up.
  • Hit the option of Submit.
  • Select the new password.
  • Input all the required details like credit details.
  • Hit the option of Submit.
  • Input the new password of 8 characters.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Hit ‘reset my password’
    • Reset the account password with the help of the serial number or computer.
  • Choose an option.
  • Hit ‘Submit’.
  • Input the new password
  • After confirmation, hit ‘reset my password.’

All  about uninstalling Carbonite on your system

There is no doubt that Carbonite is a highly valuable service that can be used to back up data along with its restoration. There are some times when this develops issues with your system. In such cases, you will have to uninstall it. Based on the operating system, the process of uninstalling Carbonite from your system are different. This section will show you how to uninstall Carbonite. Just use the following steps to solve all your problems.


For Mac

You can use two ways that are completely different from each another. Basically, it depends on the Mac version. Thus, we are going to describe them as per Mac versions. If you are running Mac version 1.x, use the following steps:

  • There is a lock icon on the Mac system.
  • You need to hit it.
  • The next step is to go with Carbonite preferences
  • Then, scroll down to hit ‘disabled’
  • There will be a ‘security login’ box.
  • Input the login credentials
  • Hit Ok
  • Check the icon of ‘uninstall’
  • Hit this icon
  • Restart the system for accessing the computer.

In case you are using Mac version 2.x, use the following steps:

  • Check the Carbonite icon on your system.
  • Hit this icon.
  • Next, you need to hit Open Carbonite.
  • A ‘user interface will appear on the screen.
  • Hit the icon of Account.
  • Hit the Uninstall button.
  • Proceed with the process by hitting the option of Ok.
  • You need to restart the system.

For Windows

This section will help Windows users to remove Carbonite from their system. For this purpose, use the following steps:

  • Open your system
  • Press Win and R keys together
  • In the dialog box, input ‘appwiz.cpl.
  • Then, hit the option of Ok
  • Locate and select Carbonite
  • Hit the option of Uninstall
  • Let the process complete.

Carbonite Support from Us

carbonite phone supportThere are rare chances that users will experience any issue with its service. It is knonwn for reliable plans and products. However, one cannot take guarantee of technical services as they can malfunction anytime. Thus, you can use this troubleshooting guide whenever you face such issues. If you cannot apply these steps on your own, place a call on the number present on this page. Talk to the independent third-pary Carbonite support executive and let your issues be resolved.