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Epson is a Japan based globally known brand for its tech-advanced imaging and printing products. Seiko Group of companies has rebranded this company as a Seiko Epson Corporation. The company was formed after Epson Corporation merged with Suwa Seikosha co. Ltd. Epson has various subsidiaries worldwide, mainly manufacturing several types of advanced tech printers, imaging devices, and automated equipment for industries. Printers manufactured by Epson are primarily used for Business and industrial purposes. Epson Printers are known for its high quality and cost-efficient printing.

In this article, we will share information about Epson printer setup, “How to download & install Epson connect printer setup utility, How to update Epson firmware and official Epson Printer support. We will also share information regarding some common Epson printer errors. After reading this article, anyone can easily install and perform steps for Epson printer setup. For more information & support for any issue regarding your device, you can also connect through the number provided on the website. You will be connected to the third-party tech service provider. The executives will listen to you and provide a suitable resolution regarding your Epson printer setup and errors.

How to Download Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility:

Epson Wireless printers are one of the advanced tech printers introduced by the Epson Company. It allows you to perform your daily task of printing remotely. You can use any device, such as Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, to print remotely by email once connected to Epson connect. The Epson connect printer setup utility is the Epson printer driver. To download the Epson connect printer Setup utility, adhere to the guided steps stated underneath:

  • Open the official Epson website
  • Once you reach the official website, search for the Epson connect printer setup utility
  • Download the correct Epson connect printer setup utility as per your operating system demand
  • Download and save the driver to the desired location in your operating system

How to Install Epson Printer Setup Utility:

Installing the Epson connect printer setup utility is necessary as it connects your operating system and printer. It also allows you to perform several tasks quickly, such as Email Printing, scanning, and faxing. To install Epson printer setup utility, follow the steps beneath:

  • Right-click on the Epson connect printer utility file and select the run-as administration options
  • Click on the check box of the setup pop-up to accept the terms in the license and user agreement
  • Click on the Next tab to proceed with the further installation processes
  • Follow the guided steps to finish the installation setup

Once you have completed the installation, you need to open the Epson connect printer utility software to finish several more setups to install the setup completely

  • When you open the Epson utility software, login using your registered account. Choose the register option if you are not registered and are a new user of the Epson printer
  • Finish the installation and registration by adding a new printer to your existing account
  • Follow the further guided steps to activate the Scan to Cloudand Remote Print services

How to Set Up Epson Printer:epson printer setup

Epson connect printers facilitate us for remote printing services. So setting up the printers has involved numerous steps. The first step for setup an Epson printer is to set up the printer with Wifi. Follow the steps beneath to learn how to setup Wifi in the Epson printer:

  • Select the Wifi icon from the control panel of the Epson printer
  • Tap on the Wifi recommended option tab
  • Tap on the Start setup option to set up a new product for an existing one. Tap on the change settings
  • Tap on the Wifi setup wizard option and identify and select your Wifi network (the available option will allow you to enter the Wifi network name manually also)
  • Press Ok after entering your wifi password carefully to connect the Epson printer wireless.
  • Press on the Start Setup option to save your Wifi network settings

Once your Epson printer is set up with Wifi, we need to set up the Epson printer for email print. As new printers already come up with their particular email. That allows us to print remotely by sending an email. The printer also allows us to change the printer’s email and affix the email with the approved sender’s list. You can set up Epson email print through your laptop with the Epson utility or through your phone by using the Epson I print app.

How to Update Epson Firmware:

We need to timely update the firmware of our printer to enjoy more efficient printing. Perform the steps beneath to understand the Epson firmware update:

The steps guides you regarding how to update firmware by using the windows 10 operating system

  • Select the Epson software from the Start menu to open it
  • Navigate for the Epson Software Updater option and click open it
  • Select your printer’s model no from the screen
  • Click the check box in front of the Firmware Updater option below the Essential Product Update heading
  • Click on the Install tab to further start downloading and installing the firmware
  • Wait till the Epson firmware gets updated and finish the setup by clicking OK

Now your Epson firmware update process is completed, now you can enjoy more efficient printing experiences

Official Epson Printer Support:

Epson printer provides excellent customer service worldwide. You can connect to Epson’s official support through the following contacts below. These contact details for Epson official support are collected from the internet resources. Its officials may change these contact details. Please verify these Epson printer support phone numbers before using printer customer service

Epson printer customer service number 1 800-463-7766
Epson printer support phone number for Sales & product inquiries 1 (800) GO‑EPSON
Epson printer customer service number for returns and exchanges 1 (800) 444‑1527
Epson email support [email protected]
Epson help number 800-533-3731
Epson contact number for Accessories (800) 873-7766
Epson chat support UK Chat support
Epson Email technical support UK Technical support
Epson customer service number UK for home users 0343 90 37766.
Epson  customer support phone number UK for business users 0871 423 7766*

Epson Printer Errors:

Epson Printers are known for their excellent performance. But sometimes, you may face certain errors, which we need to troubleshoot to work further. Below we have mentioned some common errors and troubleshooting steps also.

Epson Error code 0x9a:

Epson error0x9a is an error related to Cartridges. Your printer may show this error if your Cartridge is damaged, out of ink, or it’s not fitted correctly. Sometimes this error may arise when the cartridge reading sensor strip is damaged or covered with dust or excess ink. Follow the guided steps below to resolve the Epson error code 0x9a.

  • The initial step we need to perform is to unplug the printer power code to avoid any shock injuries
  • Open the top head of the printer and remove the ink cartridge
  • Check for any deposited piece of paper or dust on the Cartridge
  • Clean the Cartridge with alcohol using a cotton swab
  • Clean the sensor strip present behind the Cartridge
  • Check for the ink in the Cartridge, refill if need
  • Check for any damages on the Cartridge (change the Cartridge if required)
  • Reinstall your ink cartridge to finish the setup

After going with these steps, you will now be able to use your printer. Epson error code0x9a is resolved now. If you still see the same error, then your printer needs proper servicing.

Epson Error 0x60:

Epson error 0x60 is an error related to the Paper width sensor (PW Sensor). The error may arise if the PW sensor has dust deposited on it or is being blocked by any outer debris in your printer. Sometimes the dirty print head may also be a cause of error 0x60. You will find the PW sensor next to the ink sensor on the top left of the Cartridge. It’s a rare chance also the PW sensor may be damaged. In that case, we will need to send our printer to a technician for servicing or PW sensor replacement.

  • Open the print head of the printer and properly clean it with alcohol using a cotton swab
  • Remove the ink cartridge of the printer and clean it properly with alcohol
  • Check for any damages on the ink cartridge and replace the Cartridge if required as if the ink cartridge has any damages, it may still show the same error
  • Check for any paper jam or the Piece of paper inside the print head
  • Once you finish cleaning and reinstalling the Cartridge in the printer, your error 0x60 will be resolved. You can now easily use your Epson printer

Epson Printer Support by us:epson service

In the above article, we have shared information regarding the major setup guide for Epson printer installation, such as How to download Epson connect printer setup utility & install it, and official Epson Printer support. The measures shared regarding the Epson printer setup will help you in your printer arrangement. We have also shared the errors that a person generally faces and methods to resolve them. Moreover, you can also contact the number provided on the website for any resolution regarding the Epson printer. You will be connected to an Independent third-party service provider. Executes will listen to you and give a proper quick solution regarding the Epson printer problems.