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aol mail supportAOL is known to be an online service provider along with being an American web portal that is based in New York. It is among the pioneers of the internet in the 1990s. AOL has become a popular email service platform due to its flexible features. Creating an AOL account can offer an advanced user interface along with updated versions. However,/ while using these services, it is common to face minor glitches. To handle AOL problems, we have come up with this guide that you can use to fix your AOL account.

All about creating an AOL account >> Fixing AOL Mail Login Problems

You have an option to purchase an AOL membership in order to enjoy more accessibilities as well as features. However, you can also use it for free. You must know that there is a range of features that you can enjoy after purchasing the membership. For setting up an AOL email account to use the free AOL email service, use the steps mentioned in this guide. They are going to assist you set up an email account and fixing AOL mail login problems. Execute these instructions manually for performing the AOL email sign in on your own.

  1. Visit the AOL email sign-in page
  2. Input the first name along with the last name
  3. Now, choose a username, which must be unique.
  4. Make a strong password.
  5. Input the date of birth.
  6. Select the gender.
  7. Input the ZIP code or postal code
  8. Select the security question
  9. Input the mobile number
  10. Input the alternate AOL email addressaol mail login problems
  11. Hit the ‘Sign-in’ button and finish the AOL email sign-in practice.

How to change AOL password?

Forgot AOL password? It is recommended to change your AOL password after a certain period for maintaining the security parameters of the account. If you change your AOL password, you make your security parameters non-guessable and stronger. You must know how to change AOL password as your account is always at risk of getting hacked.. It is a good practice to change the password at regular intervals. So if you forgot AOL password, this section is for you. Use the following steps to change AOL password:

  1. Visit or the AOL email sign-in page
  2. Complete the AOL mail sign-up process by inputting the AOL email address along with other key credentials
  3. Check if the ‘Manage my account’ option is open or not.
  4. Choose the option of ‘change AOL password’ from the AOL email settings.
  5. Input the new AOL account password.
  6. Re-enter the password in order to confirm it
  7. Hit ‘Save’ to finish the process.

Users can change AOL password easily after following the above steps. You can face errors anytime. However, it would not be a problem as long as you know how to use these AOL email settings for getting the standard solutions to your query of ‘how do I change my AOL password’.

change aol password

All about AOL Server Settings

With the help of AOL server settings, you will be able to access the inbox via a compatible third=party email client. You will be able to enjoy the added convenience of its features. AOL mail settings adjust the protocols that are significant for sending and receiving emails. You must know that there exist three kinds of AOL mail settings, namely, AOL IMAP settings, POP, and SMTP. Read about them one by one to adjust them by using the mentioned process. We suggest you execute them manually.

AOL IMAP Settings for you

For downloading mail, the IMAP setting for AOL is one of the top-rated options for all email clients. If you want to access AOL mail to work with email clients, you need to have an IMAP setting for AOL. Use the following guidelines for configuring the IMAP settings for the AOL email account.

  • For the server option or AOL incoming mail server, input ‘’
  • For SSL- use ‘true-implicit’
  • For port no., use default ‘993’
  • Input username. For example, [email protected]
  • These are known as the IMAP settings for AOL.

AOL POP settings for you

Use the following guidelines for configuring the POP settings for the AOL email account. Execute these steps for AOL mail server settings:aol server settings

  1. For server name, use ‘’
  2. In the case of SSL, use ‘true-explicit/implicit’
  3. In the case of port no, use ‘110/995 (default)’
  4. Input the username For example, [email protected]

These are the adjustments that must be configured for AOL mail server settings. It is understood that not all individuals are technical enough for configuring these settings. It is for these reasons we have developed this guide so as to help the needy customers. Users can anytime avail the benefits of AOL mail settings by using this guide.

AOL SMTP Settings for you

AOL SMTP settings are known to be the same for IMAP and POP protocols. Users can configure the SMTP settings easily without taking the help of AOL email account login service.

  1. In the case of server name, use ‘’
  2. In the case of SSL, use ‘false/true-explicit/implicit’
  3. In the case of port no., use ‘587/465/587 (default)’
  4. Input the username. For example, [email protected]

These are known to be the configuration settings that help in sending as well as receiving emails. However, these are pretty difficult to be executed as not all are good with technology. Such users can take the help of this guide by following the given instructions. It is your one-stop solution for resolving all your issues with immediate effect. For making you troubleshoot AOL problems easily, this guide is the best option.

All about accessing AOL emails on an Android device

If users want to access their AOL mails with the help of the Gmail app, you are at the right place. Execute the given instructions manually for accessing the AOL mails using the Gmail application on Android devices:aol mail

  1. Open your Gmail application on the device.
  2. Hit the menu button.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Hit the option of ‘add account’.
  5. Select Personal (POP/IMAP).
  6. Input the AOL email address.
  7. Hit Next.
  8. Input the password.
  9. Hit Next.
  10. The Gmail app will configure the IMAP incoming as well as outgoing server settings. You also have the option of doing this manually.
  11. Hit Next.
  12. Input a name for the identification of your account and the sender’s name.
  13. Hit Next.

How to reset AOL password >> AOL Reset Password Help

The username as well as the password used for AOL email sign-in are the same as the login credentials used for other AOL subscription premiums and products. You must have a strong password for all Internet accounts. Also, it is a good practice to reset AOL password regularly, Follow the given instructions manually for performing the AOL mail password reset process:

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are entering the correct username.
  2. If you pass the first step and the username is correct, check if the AOL password you entered is correct or not
  3. Hit ‘AOL forgot password’ option if you have forgotten your password.
  4. It will help you to reset AOL password of the email account.
  5. Select the security answer that you selected in the sign-up process.

The AOL email password that you have created allows access to the AOL account. It is recommended that you must always create a unique password. Due to this, you will not need the help of anyone.

AOL Mail Support Numbers – Official

If you need the official AOL email support phone number, read this guide to fix your AOL issues. This section has collected certain AOL mail phone numbers along with the email service/chat support. Nevertheless, these contact numbers are as per the resources available on the internet. In case you find that these numbers are not functional, we cannot be held responsible. It is due to the fact these contact options can be modified by the manufacturer at any time. It is recommended that you verify AOL Mail support numbers before placing a mail service

AOL Number 1-800-827-6364
AOL Customer Service Number for Deaf Users 1-800-759-3323
AOL Support Number for Spanish 1-866-885-5117
AOL Live Support 1-866-265-8990
AOL Email Support
AOL Live Chat Support

All about deleting an AOL email account?

If you desire to know about how to delete your AOL email account, this section of the article is for you. In addition, there can be a variety of reasons because of which one may want to delete the AOL email account. Similar to creating an AOL email account, you can delete the AOL account anytime. Execute these instructions manually and delete the account on your own.

  1. Visit the official site or you can also go to
  2. Choose the option of ‘My Services’.
  3. Hit the option of ‘Manage’.
  4. Conduct AOL account verification if prompted.
  5. Hit the option of ‘Cancel’.
  6. Hit the option of ‘Cancel my billing’.aol email account
  7. You can delete your AOL account after following these instructions.

Factors related to deleting AOL account

If you have decided to delete your AOL account, this section is for you. Go through the steps provided in the previous section. In addition, you need to keep some points under consideration before you start deleting the account.

  1. Your email account will be deleted permanently.
  2. This procedure is going to close the inbox and block the incoming emails.
  3. Deleting the account is not going to free up your username.
  4. You also have the option of recovering your email account. However, you need to act as soon as you can. Users are able to retrieve the paid AOL account by inputting your login credentials within 90 days.

All about canceling your AOL account?

After cancelling the AOL account, users will not have access to their email accounts. However, you have the option to retrieve your account by inputting the AOL login credentials. If you are not able to access the account within 90 days, your AOL account will be deleted permanently. Use the following guidelines to cancel your AOL account:

  1. Go to the AOL mail sign-in page or you can visit
  2. Input the AOL login credentials.
  3. Hit the option of ‘sign in’.
  4. Input the security answer.
  5. HIt the option of ‘Continue’.
  6. Hit the option of ‘manage my subscription’.
  7. Hit the cancel link.
  8. Select why you are canceling the AOL account.
  9. Hit the ‘Cancel’ button.
  10. In case you do not move forward with the process, hit the option of ‘keep my plan’ link.

Fixing AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

If AOL email on iPhone not working troubles you, this section is for you. AOL is a free email service offered by the AOL company. Before smartphones were invented, people used AOL for connecting and chatting with friends. They do not delete them as their accounts have been in use for a long time. Like other email services such as Yahoo and Google, there is a dedicated app for serving mail services. Nevertheless, AOL not working on iPhone issue has become common for all users. This issue can be because of the following reasons:aol mail not working on iphone

  • Wrong login credentials
  • Outdated AOL email application
  • Outdated iOS version
  • Routing and internet issues

Use the following steps to fix the AOL mail not working on iPhone issue:

  • Even if a single character is incorrect, you will not be able to login AOL account. Thus, ensure that you input the correct credentials. In addition, you can hit the eye icon for displaying the password in plain text.
  • One of the simplest solutions to fix any issue on the app is logging out of the account. Then, you need to log into the account again. It can be considered a soft reset for restoring the functionalities of broken features. You need to simply log out of the AOL email account. Wait for a few minutes and then log nack in.
  • You can also use a hard reset to fix the AOL email on iPhone not working issue. For doing this, you have to quit the AOL app along with other applications that are open. Then, reopen the app from scratch.
  • Another solution is to clear the cache of the application. It is going to eliminate pesky glitches and bugs. It is going to reset the application’s data. To do this, use the following steps:
    • Open Settings on your phone
    • Go to Apps and then find AOL
    • Go to Storage & Cache, hit Clear Storage & Clear Cache

AOL Support from Us

aol customer serviceAOL email service is known to be highly popular among users. However, there can be times when you are not able to access your AOL account. In such cases, you can use this guide and apply the steps mentioned to fix your account. Most likely, your AOL issues will be resolved via this article. However, if you feel the need for additional assistance, contact the number presented on this web page. You will be connected to an independent third-party AOL support representative who can solve all your AOL problems.