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bellsouth email supportBellsouth initially was a telecommunication company from America. Their headquarter are situated in Atlanta, Georgia. On 29 December 2006, Bellsouth was taken over by AT & T communications. Bellsouth is an American telecommunication company founded in 1983. Mr. F. Duane Ackerman is the chairman and CEO of the company. Bellsouth is a subsidiary company of the American telephone and telegraphs company (AT & T). Bellsouth also has services in the field of internet, television, and telephonic communication known as Bellsouth mobility and Bellsouth telecommunications. These were the initial services of Bellsouth, but off lately, they started Bellsouth email service as well. In this article, we have shown you a guide on Bellsouth login and related issues.

Moreover, we have also found ways to troubleshoot the mail application or portal when it faces issues. If you want more help on the Bellsouth email, you can contact the number flashing on the screen. You will be connected to independent third-party support; the executives will listen to you and sort it out in the best manner.

Setup Bellsouth Email on iPhone >> Bellsouth Email Help for iPhone

For Bellsouth mail login, first, you need to sign up on Bellsouth email. Follow these steps if you want help regarding Bellsouth sign in:

  • Go to AT & T’s official page by searching AT & T login
  • You will be able to see a login portalbellsouth email
  • Tap on ‘Create one now’ below the login setup
  • In order to create an account on Bellsouth webmail or AT & T, enter the details asked
  • Like your First name, Second name, or email ID and create a password and reenter it
  • The security question will appear; answer it
  • Checkmark on policy; this will make sure you agree to it
  • Click on continue/OK

Bellsouth email sign-up process is completed now. Let’s proceed to the Bellsouth login.

How to Login to Bellsouth Email portal? >> Bellsouth Login Help

If you want to learn the Bellsouth email sign in process, you can find the Bellsouth email sign in procedure here. This procedure is enough for Bellsouth login help; you don’t need to search anywhere else. Just follow the steps and sign in to Bellsouth email. As you know, Bellsouth has been taken over by AT & T. So, if you want to sign in to Bellsouth mail, you have to search for AT & T Mail Login.

  • Go to browser and type AT & T sign in
  • bellsouth loginYou will be bought to the Bellsouth email login page
  • Enter your User ID or Mail ID on the Bellsouth email login Page
  • Type in your Bellsouth email password that you created earlier (Make sure the CapsLock is Off while entering the password)
  • If you want to skip typing your email ID and Password every time, then put a checkmark on Save user ID
  • Press enter key or click on sign in
  • You will be signed in. How do I log into my Bellsouth email question is answered.

Bellsouth Official Number >> Bellsouth Customer Service

This article is enough if you are trying to solve the problem or issues faced in the Bellsouth email. Next, you can read the article to find in-depth steps for the server or browser troubleshooting. If you have some trouble understanding the steps or executing them, you can contact the independent third-party service provider number. In case you want official Bellsouth help, you can contact the number given on this web page. We have also provided you official Bellsouth phone number. However, if the number gets changed by the time you call, we are not responsible for the same.

Bellsouth Phone Support (888) 333 6651

bellsouth customer service

How do I log into my Bellsouth email?>> Email Login Problems

If you are fighting email login problems, there can be a number of reasons for the same. The first and the basic one is an incorrect password. Check the entered password again and verify that the CapsLock key is off. The Bellsouth net email login problems can be due to a variety of reasons. In order to solve the issue, we need to go through the basics to advance. By going this way, we make sure that if you have a basic point that can be resolved by looking at the initial ones, and if not, you can proceed to the next one.

  1. The second reason can be Cache and cookies issue.
  2. Go to browser> settings > Privacy> Clear Cache and Clear Cookies
  3. Also, clear the browsing data from Settings> Privacy> History> Clear data or just press Ctrl + H while your browser is open and then just click on clear browsing data
  4. Change your browser if this does not work. Sign in to Bellsouth from another browser. Bellsouth email not working problem might be solved. If not, then proceed to the following settings.

    how do i log into my bellsouth email

  5. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser. If not, then update your browser first, then try signing in to Bellsouth webmail.
  6. For Bellsouth email not working issue, also verify that if you are using Bellsouth email in third party apps like outlook, yahoo, thunderbirds, etc. then, you have to configure Bellsouth email settings on your device. To know how to do email settings, continue reading.

Bellsouth Email POP/IMAP Settings >> Email Settings

If you are facing a Bellsouth email sending and receiving issue, then make some Bellsouth email settings. Check that you have set email rules properly and your emails are not going into spam. For server settings in windows, check out these steps-

  • Go to files; you can see add account on the right side. Click on it.
  • Enter details
  • Your Name
  • Email Address and Password
  • Retype Your Password
  • Do not click on next now,
  • First checkmark on Manual set up or additional server types
  • Then tap on next

For email settings for Bellsouth net, continue reading

  • Choose services will open. Choose POP or IMAP amongst the options and tap on next

Now, fill in the server settings details.

  • Under User Information, enter your name and email address
  • Under Server, information enter Account Type enter change it to IMAP
  • In Incoming Mail Server, write
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), write
  • Under Legal information in User ID, write your email address and your password for the email account
  • Click on more settings; check your Outgoing server settings in Internet email settings

Checkmark on My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication and on Use same settings as my incoming mail server email settings

  • Next, move to the Advanced tab and change ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’ from None to SSL.
  • Incoming Server (IMAP) Port will change automatically from 143 to 993.
  • Similarly, change ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’ from None to SSL and change the Outgoing server port to 465
  • Click on ‘OK’ and then tap on ‘Next.’
  • It will be successful by now.

Check BellSouth email; it will be working by now.

Summarizing the steps for email not working:

  • Verify your email id and password
  • Clear Cache and cookies
  • Clear history
  • Use your account frequently
  • Sign in from another browser
  • Update your browser
  • Make POP/ IMAP or server settings

Bellsouth Support by Us

bellsouth email loginBellsouth email has been providing email service since 1984 and is the best choice for an email portal. However, even after having millions of subscribers worldwide, it can face some technical glitches, or there may be server issues for that. We have provided a guide for you. If you have some problem regarding Bellsouth email, which has not been taken care of in this article, you can call the number on the screen where you will be connected to an independent third-party service provider. The executives will guide you regarding your issues faced while using Bellsouth email.