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tomtom supportTomTom is a popular Dutch organization that is known to produce traffic, navigation, and mapping products. In addition, it makes fleet management systems, location products, cameras, and GPS watches. TomTom was started by Harold Goddijn, Corrine Vigreux, Pieter Geelen and PeterFrans Pauwels. TomTom GPS pricing makes it attractive to users. TomTom has produced a range of products, among which GPS navigation is known to be the most popular one. It offers an easy to use interface that comes with an bird’s eye vision for roads. It makes use of the GPS receiver despite revealing the accurate location and providing spoken as well as pictorial directions of the way to go to a specific target. There are certain TomTom methods that can connect to smartphones by means of Bluetooth for taking calls and reading the messages clearly. Also, in 2012, Apple began working with TomTom for giving mapping information for the map navigation app.

There are several users who cannot or face challenges while operating the TomTom service properly. Also, they might find issues while using it. For such users, we have come up with this guide that allows them to troubleshoot a range of TomTom issues. Users also have the option to contact the independent third-party experts via the number mentioned on this page for taking the desired help. However, if you still feel that your issues are not resolved, you have the option to use the official TomTom support number using this guide. We sincerely suggest that you first go through this article before seeking help anywhere else.

All about Maps download >> TomTom Setup Help

For accessing the TomTom nav, users need to download MyDrive connect or they can get TomTom Home download on their particular devices or systems. MyDrive Connect as well as TomTom Home download are free and offered by TomTom for managing the services on the TomTom nav systems or devices. With the help of these apps, users are able to avail the latest TomTom updates, service renewals, and maps. This section will offer information related to TomTom updates and the TomTom downloading process via TomTom MyDrive application and Home application. The steps mentioned in this guide are very precise. It can assist you in downloading the TomTom navigation.

  • Users need to download TomTom with the help of the TomTom MyDrive application:
  • For this purpose, visit the official website by entering in the web browser
  • Locate ‘MyDrive connect.’
  • Next, hit it.
  • Then, hit the ‘Download’ option.
  • Wait till it is installed on the system.
  • tom tom homeOpen the application to enjoy the TomTom nav systems.

All about the Download procedure for TomTom MyDrive app

Following is the TomTom download process via TomTom Home:

  1. Go to the official website of TomTom.
  2. Locate TomTom Home.
  3. Hit the ‘download’ option.
  4. Wait till the installation is complete.
  5. Input the TomTom login credentials for enjoying the application.

There exist a range of methods for downloading TomTom on the system. When the TomTom GPS nav app has been installed, you need to connect the app with your Windows or Mac system. You must note that TomTom0020facilities are simple to use, particularly the navigation system. If you still have issues in downloading the TomTom app by following the above-mentioned steps, you can contact the number present on this web page. The independent third-party professionals available are going to guide you through the installation process. This number will transfer the call to a trusted and independent third-party TomTom support executive.

All about logging into TomTom

After you have downloaded the software on any system like a smartphone, you need to follow the login process. In this section, you are going to know about TomTom login and use it easily on a particular system or device. The mentioned steps have been deemed correct enough to offer users complete guidance. We suggest you use these steps first before seeking elsewhere.

  1. First, you need to open the TomTom navigation application.
  2. Select the icon of ‘main menu’.
  3. Next, select ‘TomTom services’ for opening the log-in page.
  4. Choose the option of ‘login’.
  5. Input the email ID as well as the password.
  6. Hit the option of ‘login’.

It is known as the easiest and simplest method to log in to TomTom. Kindly ensure that you are making use of over one device for the navigation. Users are informed that you are needed to offer a discrete email for every device. The guide has shown the complete process for TomTom login.

How do I update my TomTom maps for free?

If you have an outdated map, you may face challenges in your journey. With the help of the TomTom map updates’ process, you will be able to get TomTom One updates and TomTom N14644 updates. It will allow you to enjoy new locations as well as a route planner. In addition, TomTom map updates assist you in having the latest TomTom nav data for your journeys. TomTom brings the updates regularly to provide exciting features for your drive. TomTom GPS update can quickly be achieved on the MyDrive application as well as the Home application by following a few steps. This guide will allow you get the TomTom map updates process through this section. You just need to follow the process accordingly for keeping the software updated and enjoying your do i update my tomtom maps for free

TomTom map updates using the MyDrive app

  • Users need to make use of the USB cable to connect their systems to the TomTom devices.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Allow MyDrive to identify your device. You may have to wait for a few seconds.
  • Then, sign-in with the email ID as well as your password in the MyDrive connect application.
  • Hit the optio of ‘update’.
  • It will start updating.
  • Wait till the process is completed.
  • Lastly, disconnect the system and the TomTom device.

The process of updating TomTom GPS with the help of MyDrive ends here. So update TomTom GPS without any hassle now.

All about updated maps via TomTom Home

  • You need to connect the system to the TomTom device using a USB cable.
  • Next, turn the device on.
  • You may need to let TomTom Home recognize the TomTom device.
  • Next, hit the option of ‘update my device.’
  • Then, hit the option of ‘download updates’; if available.
  • Hit ‘done’ after finishing the update procedure on the TomTom Home.
  • Then, hit ‘device’ and select the option of ‘disconnect device’ for disconnecting the computer and the TomTom device.

The process for updating TomTom ends here. It has been observed that the latest TomTom GPS updates fix key errors, allowing you to enjoy the latest version.

TomTom Support Numbers: Official

If you seek an official and authorized TomTom support phone number, this section is going to offer reliable information. The TomTom customer support number has been mentioned in this section as per the resources available on the Internet. However, this contact option can be modified by the real manufacturer anytime. We are not accountable if they do not work. Thus, it is a good practice to verify them before use.tomtom customer service

TomTom Support Link
TomTom Customer Service Number 1800 123 4123
TomTom Chat Support

All about turning on the TomTom maps

Before you can access the TomTom nav, you are required to switch on maps. For doing this, you are required to have a 15 character product code. This section is going to help turn on maps via the unique code. These steps are easy to use, and you can apply them easily..

  • Firstly, you need to get the product key.
  • Move to the option of ‘settings’
  • Locate maps.
  • When prompted, input the unique product key.tom tom maps
  • Go to the code site of TomTom.
  • Then, hit the option of ‘product activation’.
  • Input the code in the required field
  • Next, hit ‘next.’
  • You need to input the code.
  • Input the code and hit Next.
  • Try accessing the device by offering the code.

Note: You need to always ensure that you get the key when you purchase the TomTom device. Thus, the needed steps for turning on TomTom maps with the help of the product key have been mentioned in this section.

Resolving TomTom Issues >> TomTom Troubleshooting Guide

TomTom navigation is going to be highly reliable when it comes to traveling. Similar to other nav systems, TomTom is also dependent on the satellite signal for identifying the location. However, several customers face the issue of TomTom not working correctly. If you are not able to access TomTom GPS, these steps will be beneficial for you. In this section, we will be using certain basic troubleshooting steps to get access to TomTom devices.

Navigation is not connecting with the system >> MyDrive Connect

  • If navigation is not connecting with the system, you need to ensure that the USB cable is inserted correctly.
  • Make use of the cable that comes with the TomTom device.
  • You need to ensure that there are no pending driver updates. It is recommended that you install them again.
  • You also need to ensure that your software is updated. Thus, update the software and get the latest version.

These are the needed steps if the PC is not connecting with the TomTom nav.

Restore TomTom GPS >> For TomTom Home

If you restore a device, it is going to fix a range of glitches. You just need to follow the procedure accordingly if you wish to restore TomTom GPS. If the TomTom application is not working correctly, it is good to restore it as soon as possible. These steps are going to guide you through restoring the TomTom device.

  1. The first step is to delete all the files related to TomTom on the system.
    • For this purpose, open TomTom Home
    • Go to More
    • Choose the option of ‘Manage my device’
    • Then, go with ‘remove items from computer’
    • Check the boxes
    • Hit Remove
    • Hit Ok and then Done.
  2. The next step is to format the TomTom device.
  3. Then, you are required to reinstall TomTom Home.

If users do not have maps, they need to follow the procedure of TomTom maps to install:

  1. You need to backup the device.
    • For this purpose, open TomTom Home
    • Then, go to More
    • You need to choose ‘manage my device’
    • Then, go with Map
    • Choose ‘copy items to PC.’
    • Hit Done and then ‘Manage my device’
    • Go with Remove items
    • Hit Ok and then Done.
  2. You need to format the device.
  3. Then, reinstall the TomTom GPS.
  4. The last step is restoring items to the device.
    • For this purpose, you need to open TomTom Home
    • Choose the option of Manage my device
    • Choose Install items
    •  Then, hit the + sign and choose Add
    • Hit the Disconnect button.

Resolving TomTom GPS Not Starting Issue

The TomTom device is going to show a cogwheel or spinning wheel along with the red cross if the software has not been downloaded correctly. So you just need to follow these steps, and your problem will be solved.tomtom gps

  • The first step is to reset the device and then check if the issue has been cleared.
  • Also, you need to make sure that MyDrive connect is running on its latest version.
  • You need to charge the GPS system for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Hit the icon of ‘MyDrive connect’ on Windows or Mac and then hit ‘MyDrive connect.’
  • You need to connect the system to the device with the help of a USB cable.
  • Switch the device on.
  • You need to click and hold the ‘on/off’ button. Make sure that you do not release it until it get restarted with a drum sound. You will see a black screen along with the white text.
  • Then, you can release ‘on/off’ three times as quickly as possible.
  • Use the above-mentioned steps again until you do not see the spinning wheel or the cogwheel.
  • You need to connect the device with the system via a USB cable.
  • Restore the device.
  • Restart the TomTom device.
  • Lastly, disconnect the system as well as the TomTom device.

When the glitch is cleared, you will notice that the red cross does not appear in the TomTom device. Thus, these steps are to be used when the red cross appears on the nav system.

TomTom Support from Us

tomtom mydriveAlthough TomTom is popular for being a reliable service provider, you may still face a range of issues while using it. If you are troubled by TomTom issues, just use this troubleshooting guide to apply solutions and make your life easier. We understand that all people are not tech-savvy and may not be able to apply these steps on their own. For such users, we have mentioned a phone number on this web page. They can contact a third-party independent TomTom support executive via this number and get a solution instantly.