Arlo doorbells have revolutionized home security with their advanced features and easy-to-use interface. However, like any sophisticated device, they can encounter issues. A common concern among users is when their Arlo doorbell stopped working, which can stem from various causes, ranging from connectivity issues to hardware malfunctions.Troubleshooting Arlo Doorbell common issues

Many users report experiencing Arlo doorbell problems that disrupt the normal functionality of the device. These problems can manifest in several ways, such as the doorbell not ringing, the camera failing to record, or motion sensors not detecting movement. Understanding these issues is the first step in troubleshooting and getting your device back to its optimal working condition.

Occasionally, you might find that your Arlo doorbell quit working unexpectedly. This sudden halt in operation can be due to reasons like power outages, Wi-Fi connectivity loss, or even software glitches. Finding the source of the problem is essential to solving it effectively and restoring your Arlo doorbell’s functionality as an integral part of your home security system.

Video and Audio Functionality:

When dealing with Arlo doorbell camera problems, consider these key points:

  • Camera Not Working:

    If your Arlo doorbell stopped working, check the power source to ensure the doorbell is adequately powered. Verify Wi-Fi connectivity and signal strength. Restart the doorbell to reset its connection and functionalities.

  • Doorbell Not Showing Video:

    Any physical obstructions or dirt on the camera lens can cause Arlo doorbell problems. Confirm that the camera settings are correctly configured in the app. Look for firmware updates that might resolve software glitches.Arlo Doorbell Issues

  • Black Screen Fix:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working, reset the doorbell to its factory settings as a potential fix. Ensure the device is not in a low-power mode which might disable video streaming.

  • Troubleshooting Video Feed Problems:

    Check for any external factors like extreme weather conditions that can cause Arlo doorbell problems. Test the doorbell in different lighting conditions to rule out sensor issues.

By systematically addressing these points, you can effectively troubleshoot and solve Arlo doorbell camera not working issues, ensuring it continues to serve as a reliable component of your home security system.

Motion Detection:

A crucial aspect of the Arlo doorbell is its ability to detect motion, which enhances home security by alerting homeowners of any activity near their door. However, a common issue is the Arlo doorbell not detecting motion. This malfunction can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the doorbell as a security tool.

  • Check for Motion Detection Settings:

    If your Arlo doorbell not detecting motion, ensure that the motion detection feature is enabled in the Arlo app. Adjust the sensitivity settings if the Arlo doorbell motion detection not working as expected.

  • Obstructions or Environmental Factors:

    For Arlo doorbell not detecting motion issue, Inspect the area around the doorbell for any physical obstructions that might block the motion sensor. Environmental factors such as heavy rain, snow & extreme temperatures can cause Arlo doorbell not detecting motion issues.

  • Update Firmware and Software:

    If your Arlo doorbell motion detection not working, regularly check for and install any firmware or software updates for your Arlo doorbell. Bug fixes that address the Arlo doorbell’s inability to detect motion are frequently included in updates.Arlo Doorbell common issues troubleshooting

  • Resetting the Device:

    If the Arlo doorbell motion sensor is not triggering alerts, try resetting the device to its factory settings. A reset can often resolve glitches that prevent the motion sensor from working correctly.

  • Improving Motion Sensor Sensitivity:

    For issues related to Arlo doorbell motion sensitivity, experiment with different sensitivity levels in the app settings. Consider the placement of your doorbell; its position can greatly impact its motion detection capability.

By following these steps, you can address the key issues when your Arlo doorbell motion detection not working or when the motion detection is not working optimally. Regular maintenance and attention to these aspects will ensure your Arlo doorbell continues to provide reliable security and peace of mind

Mechanical and Chime Issues:

The chime functionality is an integral part of the Arlo doorbell experience, alerting homeowners when someone is at their door. However, it’s not uncommon for users to encounter problems where the Arlo wired doorbell chime not working. This section delves into troubleshooting these chime-related problems.

  • Check Power Connection and Wiring:

    If your Arlo doorbell chime stopped working, ensure that the Arlo doorbell is properly powered, as power issues can lead to the chime not functioning. Inspect the wiring, especially for wired doorbells, to confirm everything is securely connected.

  • Chime Settings in the Arlo App:

    For Arlo wired doorbell chime not working issues, verify the chime settings within the app to make sure they are correctly configured. For issues like the Arlo doorbell mechanical chime not working, adjusting the settings might be necessary.

  • Compatibility Check:

    If your Arlo video doorbell not working with existing chime, confirm that your current chime system is compatible with the Arlo doorbell. Incompatibility can lead to issues such as the Arlo video doorbell chime not working.

  • Update Firmware:

    Regularly updating your Arlo doorbell’s firmware can resolve many Arlo wired doorbell chime not working issues. Check for & install any available updates to ensure optimal functionality.

  • Troubleshooting Silent Chime Issues:

    If you’re wondering, why is my Arlo doorbell chime stopped working, it could be due to volume settings or internal chime issues. Investigate solutions for Arlo wired doorbell chime not working issues like adjusting the volume or resetting the chime kit.

  • Resetting and Re-syncing:

    Sometimes, resetting the Arlo doorbell and re-syncing it with the chime can resolve these issues.

By addressing these points, users can effectively troubleshoot and rectify most problems related to the Arlo doorbell’s chime functionality, ensuring that they never miss an alert when someone is at their door. Regular maintenance and firmware updates are key to preventing and solving these chime issues.

Post-Power Outage Recovery:

Power outages can unexpectedly affect smart home devices, and the Arlo doorbell is no exception. A common issue users face is the Arlo doorbell not working after power outage. This section provides a detailed approach to recovering your Arlo doorbell’s functionality following a power loss.

  • Initial Checks and Reboot:

    After a power outage, check if the Arlo doorbell has regained power. Sometimes, the doorbell may not immediately turn back on. If the Arlo doorbell fails to turn on post power outage, disconnect it from its power source for a few minutes and then reconnect it.

  • Resetting the Arlo Doorbell:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working after power outage, use the reset button located on the device. This can help in re-establishing any lost configurations. Be aware that resetting might restore factory settings, so you may need to reconfigure your device settings afterwards.

  • Check Network Connection:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working after power outage, ensure that your Wi-Fi network is operational post-outage. The Arlo doorbell relies on a stable Wi-Fi connection to function correctly. Reconnect your doorbell to the Wi-Fi network if it was disconnected during the outage.

  • Battery Inspection (for Wireless Models):

    If you have a wireless Arlo doorbell, check the battery level. Power outages can affect charging and lead to battery depletion. Replace or recharge the battery if needed to ensure the doorbell is operational.

  • Inspect for Physical Damage:

    Sometimes, power outages can cause surges that may damage electronic devices. Inspect your Arlo doorbell for any signs of physical damage.

  • Firmware Updates:

    After a power outage, ensure that your Arlo doorbell is running the latest firmware version. Outdated firmware can lead to various operational issues.

Following these steps should help in efficiently restoring your Arlo doorbell’s functionality after a power outage. Regular maintenance, such as checking for firmware updates and ensuring a stable power source, can mitigate the impact of future power interruptions.

Integration with Alexa:

Integrating smart home devices for a cohesive experience is becoming increasingly popular, and the Arlo doorbell is often connected with systems like Amazon Alexa for enhanced functionality. However, a common issue faced by users is when Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa. This section aims to address these integration challenges and ensure a seamless connection between your Arlo doorbell and Alexa.Arlo doorbell integration with Alexa

  • Ensuring Compatibility:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa, confirm that your Arlo doorbell model is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Check for any compatibility updates or requirements on the Arlo and Alexa websites.

  • Correct Setup Process:

    Follow the detailed instructions for setting up Arlo doorbell with Alexa. This usually involves adding the Arlo skill to your Alexa app and linking your Arlo account. If your Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa, Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for optimal communication.

  • Updating Software and Firmware:

    Regularly update the software on your Alexa device and the firmware on your Arlo doorbell to ensure they work seamlessly together. Outdated software can lead to the issue of Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa.

  • Checking Network Stability:

    A stable and strong Wi-Fi connection is crucial for the integration of the Arlo doorbell with Alexa. Consider rebooting your router or checking for any network issues if there are connectivity problems.

  • Voice Command Calibration:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa, ensure that your voice commands are correctly set up in Alexa for controlling your Arlo doorbell. Test different voice commands to see if Alexa is recognizing and responding appropriately.

  • Resetting and Reconnecting:

    If your Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa try disconnecting and then reconnecting the Arlo skill in your Alexa app. A reset of both devices can sometimes resolve integration issues.

By carefully following these steps, users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve most issues related to the Arlo doorbell not working with Alexa. Ensuring both devices are up-to-date and properly set up will facilitate a smooth and efficient integration, allowing you to enjoy the full range of features offered by your smart home devices.


Q1. Why is my Arlo doorbell not connecting to WiFi?

  • This is often due to network issues. Make sure that your router is working correctly, and that the doorbell is within the WiFi range. Sometimes, resetting your router and Arlo doorbell can help establish a successful connection.

Q2. What should I do if my Arlo doorbell camera is not showing video?

  • Check if the camera lens is clean and unobstructed. Ensure your doorbell is powered correctly, and consider resetting the device. If the issue persists, updating the firmware can often resolve such video-related problems.

Q3. How can I improve my Arlo doorbell’s motion detection sensitivity?

  • You can adjust the motion sensitivity settings through the Arlo app. Placing the doorbell in a location with fewer obstructions can also enhance motion detection effectiveness.

Q4. My Arlo wired doorbell chime is not working; what could be the problem?

  • First, check if the chime system is compatible with your Arlo doorbell. Also, verify the wiring connections and settings in the Arlo app. If these are correct, a reset of the doorbell might be necessary.

Q5. What steps should I take if my Arlo doorbell is not working after a power outage?

  • Start by checking if the doorbell has power. If it’s a battery-operated model, ensure the battery is charged. For wired models, check the power source. Resetting the Arlo doorbell can also help in re-establishing its functionality post-outage.

Q6. How do I set up my Arlo doorbell with Alexa?

  • Install the Arlo skill in your Alexa app and link your Arlo account. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network for seamless integration.


In conclusion, this guide has thoroughly explored the intricacies of troubleshooting the Arlo doorbell, offering a detailed roadmap to resolve common issues that users may encounter. We delved into various challenges, from camera and audio malfunctions to motion detection and mechanical chime issues, providing targeted solutions for each problem. The guide also addressed the nuances of restoring functionality post-power outages and the critical steps for successful integration with smart home devices like Alexa, crucial for those utilizing the Arlo wired doorbell.

To know more about Arlo and resolve its related issues, visit Arlo Support page.

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